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Elevate Your Mental Well-Being with Our Services. Unleash Your Potential and Embrace a Life of Wellness.

We're Here to Listen and Guide You Every Step of the Way.


Empower Your Wellness Journey

Fully licensed, bonded & insured


Hi, I'm Sharmee Divan,

Anxiety Expert, Author, Bach Flower Therapist and Life Coach

With over 15 years in Mental Health, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey. Whether through counselling, workshops, or courses, my passion lies in empowering you to recognize your purpose, power, and passion for a life abundant with joy and free from anxiety.


Having touched the lives of over 7000 individuals through 300+ workshops, I bring a wealth of experience and dedication to every session.

Not sure what care you need?

We understand it’s tough to explain your struggles.

Finding the right help is the first step. 

We Support You In Handling Your Worries By


Ensuring absolute privacy, confidentiality, and security for your peace of mind.


Offering a judgment-free and stigma-free environment to share your concerns openly.


Providing flexible connection offline or online via chat, video, or voice call according to your comfort.


Garnering trust from over 7000+ clients who’ve found our support reliable and effective.


Alternative Therapies- We have covered you with various beneficial therapies.


Join a supportive community that assures you’re part of a caring network, reminding you that you’re not alone.

How Does It Works?


Connect from anywhere globally using WhatsApp’s video, voice call, or Zoom.


In Mumbai? Book an in-person session with Sharmee Divan.


Contact via message for any queries regarding your ongoing therapy.

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Aksheeta Selarka Parikh 

Casa Vista Montessori Preschool - Director

Sharmee conducted a workshop on Conscious Parenting for all our in-house parents. The workshop was well well-planned and executed. She engaged her audience eagerly by asking relevant questions and stating real-life examples.

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